About Bharatse Search Engine

Despite India being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, almost one third of the population lives below the poverty line. 58% of rural households in India depend on agriculture as their main source of income. About 60 to 70 percent of the total innovations in India come from small and medium businesses. 79% CEOs see growth prospects for Indian economy in 2019. More and more businesses are coming on board and struggling hard to sell.

Today many big businesses were started small and then nurtured into big businesses. The role of small and medium business is very important in the economic development of the country. Small and medium business uses labor intensive techniques. Therefore, it provides employment opportunities to a large number of people. Thus, it reduces the problem of unemployment to a great extent. Small and Medium Business Facilitates Women's Development It helps reduce congestion, slums, sanitation and pollution problems in cities by providing employment and income to people living in rural areas.
Operating conditions have to become really easy for micro and small businesses to grow.
If we believe that small is beautiful, then we are inclined to keep them small. Instead, we accept that small is only a starting position and the sooner this business grows, the better it will be for them and the nation.

How do we get out of this situation?

Expert says small and medium business will have to grow up to become a $ 5 trillion economy for India

Small and Medium Business, which contributes 29 percent to India's GDP, and mid-sized firms will have to grow to increase the number of large companies in India from $ 500 to $ 2,500, so that the country can grow into a $ 5 trillion economy. Can be made. This will only happen when the greater share of small and medium business becomes large and the medium-sized company becomes the larger producer, with many new companies likely to come in sectors such as consumer, agriculture, logistics. Farmers also need to put in a little more effort to be smarter. Small and medium businesses have been out of the reach of consumers. They need to get into mainstream business. The need of the hour is to adopt digital marketing.
We need to provide resources to small and medium businesses, which they desperately need. Disseminating production to consumers with the help of technology quickly is the current challenge of the times.
To get the benefit of advertising, they need quick resources and open avenues. We need to unite and tap existing resources
To get the benefit of advertising, they have to have quick resources and open avenues, which they can do free. They should have quick access to payments and receive prompt payment information.
But the problem is that they are not getting this advantage easily in foreign search engines, because they are not getting high position in search engines, even foreign search engines of Indian versions are not helpful. Very high ranks of expertise are needed which are not available with small and medium business. They cannot wait even after spending in foreign currency, only to learn that their efforts were fruitless

The webmasters in India have taken tremendous efforts to gear up the search engine ranking and spent in billions over placing ad. The overall basics of foreign search engines are :-

  • Create more and more quality backlink.
  • Make content with good readability score.
  • Optimize for SEO.
  • Place AD words.
  • Increase Social Involvement.
  • Keep Organic Keywords in Anchor Text.
  • Increase ranking and visibility.
  • URL Spamming.
  • Meta keywords and meta Description.
  • Do not rank indian websites 100% for Indian version. All MNC Websites are also mixed up on the top page. 99% of the search engine visitors do not go on second page.
  • Only few of the websites appearing in the search results are indian on top page.

The businessman in India are forced to take Search Ranking as a big task apart from their normal business. Are these things really required to run a business in India by spending in billions of dollars ? The need of India currently is to have its own search engine.

Bharatse.in has come to the rescue for such issues. We understand that doing business requires only business specific expertise and nothing else. Bharatse.in is a fully introduced new Indian search engine and will only promote Indian small and medium business businesses. It will not allow any foreign website to enter. All payments will be in rupees and the Indian "UPI" will be used everywhere. Everyone will get instant payment information on their mobile and they can advertise for free which will help to advertise their products in multiple categories at the same time. Each advertisement will have a payment link to your bank account. To place this ad, the advertiser does not need to be adept at ranking the ad, you do not need to struggle hard to get your ad ranking. You need not be socially active on Facebook, Twitter etc. to rank your products/ websites . We give a guaranteed ranking based on round robin technique. Everyone are treated equal. All the rules established by foreign search engines can be forgotten. If you have a website, you can submit it to us for crawling, but if you do not have a website, you can create a HTML search page on our search engine and also advertise in the same. If you have a large product list, you can submit it to us in a single xml file. We have another section of one time offers wherein you can relay your products of one time offers. We have a special section for farmers, Due to the natural deterioration phenomenon of crops we will show all agricultural products for sale in this section on priority, so farmers will receive all payments instantly in his bank account, he need not go anywhere else to sell his crop. Bharatse will also have a geo mapping feature to search particular product for sale based on locations near you. Farmers crop can also be located for sale on our GEO mapping section.

bharatse.in specially calls on all women to actively start any business from home and receive year-round payments in your bank account for free.